An acclaimed private university named Chapman University was founded in Orange, California. The university’s overall student body is made up of 5 percent international students from 80 different nations. At Chapman University, there are 143 undergraduate programmes available to international students, along with 40 distinct graduate degree and certificate programmes. Look into the classes at Chapman University!

Chapman University

Early action, early decision, and standard decision applications are all accepted by the university. The admittance rate at Chapman University is about 58 percent. To get admitted to Chapman University, applicants must submit a GPA of 3.4/4 (89 percent) or better and a GMAT score of 655 or higher.

The total cost of attendance at Chapman University for first-year students living on campus is approximately 59 lakhs per year. Around 40 lakhs are paid in year tuition for the MBA degree. International students may be eligible for a limited number of need- and merit-based scholarships from the institution, which can total up to 36,000 USD (28.20 lakhs) year.

The university asserts that 89 percent of its graduates are placed. Chapman University’s MBA is the highest paying degree with an average beginning income of 50,000 USD per year.

The Chapman University campus is in an attractive city with historic buildings called Orange. The facility is well-equipped with contemporary technology and security features.

The 78 acres of the university’s campus are suburban. On the campus of Chapman University, there are more than 175 student organisations. 92% of all first-year students decide to remain on campus.

One of the focal points of collegiate life is athletics. The institution funds 7 different sports leagues. For faculty and students, the site also offers fitness facilities and open hours for relaxation.

Students are kept engaged and relaxed throughout the year by the university’s numerous events, concerts, trips, sporting competitions, club meetings, and many others.

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Chapman University Admissions


Chapman University Ranking 2023

The following are a few of the global rankings from Chapman University.

  • #57 in US News and World Report’s 2022 list of the “Most Innovative Schools”
  •  #122 in the list of “National Universities,” 
  • #242 in the list of the “Top Performers on Social Mobility,” 
  • #158 in the “US College Rankings” list by Times Higher Education.

Chapman university acceptance rate 2023

Chapman University’s acceptance rate typically hovers around 58 percent with a moderately selective admissions process. At Chapman University, 8,927 applicants applied for admission in the academic year 2022. More over 7000 students were admitted as undergraduates out of the total enrolment. Over 1,700 students were enrolled in graduate programmes.

Chapman university admissions 2023

With intakes in the spring and autumn, Chapman University admissions follow a semester-based pattern. Early decision, early action, and standard decision are the three application choices available to students at Chapman University.

Acceptance Rate: With a 58 percent acceptance rate, Chapman University has a fairly tough admissions process. The institution has 10,001 students enrolled, including 7,656 international students (or 6% of the overall student body). 

Students must have a high school GPA of 3.84 or higher on a 4.0 scale in order to be accepted to Chapman University. 

International students must also present a TOEFL (iBT) score of 80 to prove their English competence.

Degrees: 65 bachelor’s, 57 minor, 53 master’s, 6 doctoral, and 17 accelerated and bridge programmes are available through Chapman University. The MBA is the most lucrative degree offered by Chapman University, with graduates taking home an average salary of 105,000 USD.

Official copies of all academic transcripts from all secondary or post-secondary institutions, colleges, and universities must be submitted by international applicants. These files include:

  • Their various schools send the academic records directly to the students.
  • If English is not the original language, all records must be in the native tongue and be supplemented by a certified English translation.
  • It is necessary to have the external exam results or the expected outcomes. Examples include predicted IB scores, scores from the Indian board exams, GCSE/IGCSE outcomes, A-level scores, Australian ATAR scores, etc.
  • The transcripts needn’t be evaluated externally because Chapman University reviews them internally.

For graduate programs

  • The applicant must submit their application and official transcripts at the same time. Transcripts from each college or university you attended must be submitted if you’re applying for a programme via the general application. 
  • A sealed envelope from your institution or university must contain the official transcript.
  • Transcripts must be sent through CAS if an applicant uses a CAS application. If the department requests them, you must send the transcripts to Chapman.
  • The unofficial versions are used for analysis and review. Your institute should provide the necessary documentation to the university as soon as you are admitted.

Chapman University courses 2023

Chapman University provides 65 bachelor’s degrees, 57 minors, 17 accelerated and bridge, 53 master’s degrees, and six doctoral programmes, taught by 11 different schools and colleges for overseas students.

At Chapman University, only two graduate programmes do not admit overseas students. As follows:

  • MMS in Studies for Physician
  •  Assistants Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

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