The University of Missouri–Columbia was established in 1839 and was the first public university in the area covered by Thomas Jefferson’s Louisiana Purchase, west of the Mississippi River. Providing all Missourians with access to the advantages of a top-tier research university is our unique purpose as Missouri’s sole state-supported member of the Association of American Universities.

Our tight-knit interlocking missions of teaching, research, and service cooperate for the benefit of all citizens as we are stewards and builders of a priceless state resource, a special physical infrastructure, and a scholarly environment. To enhance the humanities, sciences, and professions, students collaborate with some of the top instructors in the world.

University of Missouri 2023

The responsibility to create and spread information that will enhance the standard of living in the state, the country and the world drives scholarship and teaching every day. The University of Missouri-Columbia, the state’s primary land-grant institution, respects the confidence the public has put in it and accepts responsibility for upholding that responsibility in the eyes of the people of Missouri. We are responsible for gathering, producing, disseminating, preserving, and advancing understanding.

A vast campus with a wide range of programs and majors is home to the University of Missouri. Additionally, it is well regarded for its academics, value, Greek community, and nightlife.

Some of the most significant issues relating to admissions at Mizzou were covered in the above discussion. Before adding a college to your list, consider the benefits of spending the next four years of your life as a student on campus.

University of Missouri

University of Missouri 2023 Rankings

High rankings both nationally and locally attest to the quality of the University of Missouri. It’s perfect for students who want to complete their studies on a sizable campus in the city’s heart, with a diverse student body and access to a vibrant social scene.

A prestigious public university is the University of Missouri. US News ranked it 58th among public schools. UM is ranked #69 in the list of the best public colleges in the US by College Simply, a different college ranking website. It serves as Missouri’s flagship institution and is regarded as the best.

There is no doubt that, in terms of rankings, the University of Missouri outperforms several public universities around the nation. While moving up seven ranks from the previous year, the school is now ranked #476 globally in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. In the meantime, US News has ranked it #425 out of the world’s universities.

Following are a few local rankings for Mizzou from various college rating services:

  • Top Public University in Missouri, ranking one
  • #4 in Best Colleges in Missouri, according to College Simply,
  • #2 in Best Public Colleges in Missouri (College Factual)
  • #4 on College Simply’s list of the best colleges in Missouri and #5 overall (Best Colleges)
  • Missouri’s Best Value Colleges Ranked #5
  • #9 in the list of Missouri’s top colleges and universities (College Consensus)
  • Midwestern region: #20 (Forbes)

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University of Missouri 2023 Courses

There are approximately 100 majors and more than 300-degree programs to choose from for students. At UM, some of the most well-liked majors and disciplines of study are:

  • Agronomical Sciences
  • Biology
  • Business and Communications
  • Health and Education Services Getting Ready Studies
  • Journalism and information technology
  • Humanities and liberal arts
  • Ethnic and Minority Studies in Mechanical Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Sports Administration

University of Missouri students place a lot of importance on sports. The university has won several national championships, four division titles, and fifteen conference titles.

University of Missouri 2023 fees

The University of Missouri’s sticker price for in-state students equals $27,197 at the rate for the academic year 2021–2022 (as of this writing). But the price jumps to $45,068 for non-Missourians. Out-of-state students pay $26,991 in tuition instead of $9,120, which is over three times more expensive.

The average in-state tuition and fees at public colleges and universities in Missouri are $9,059. While out-of-state tuition and fees typically cost $12,250.

According to the numbers as mentioned above, attending Mizzou will only cost you somewhat more than attending most other Show-Me State public universities. Because of this, the University of Missouri is ranked #5 by Niche, #4 by College Simply, and #72 by US News, among the best value colleges in Missouri.

Up to 74 percent of Mizzou undergraduate students receive financial aid, according to statistics that are readily accessible online. An average of $10,270 is given to each recipient of an award.

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