Students may submit an application for admission to Stanford University for the academic years of autumn, spring, or winter. Stanford has a few summer programmes available for visitors from other countries. The increased competition for admission to Stanford is evident from the acceptance rate of 3.95 percent, which is down from 5.1 percent the year before. Standardized test scores are an optional requirement, but they are still a factor. Stanford offers degrees to more than half of the accepted applicants in a STEM discipline.

Only 2190 of the 55,471 students that applied to Stanford University for admission to the class of 2025 were accepted, making it the largest applicant pool in the school’s history. 12 percent of the university’s total student body are international students from 72 countries. This shows an increase compared to the 56 nations represented by students the previous year.

Stanford University

Programs: The university admits students outside the country into 69 undergraduate and 200 graduate programmes. According to QS Rankings by Topic, one of the best programmes is computer science and information systems, with Stanford University holding the #2 spot globally for that subject.

Deadline: Restrictive early action deadlines are observed by the institution on November 1 and the standard decision deadline on January 5. The university typically announces its acceptance decision six to seven weeks after application submission.

For undergraduate programmes, the university charges an application cost of 90 USD (or 6,700 INR), and for graduate programmes, all excluding MBA, the fee is 125 USD (or 9,300 INR). However, it provides students who are struggling financially with a waiver of the application price. to be admitted to Stanford University,

Applicants must have received the highest grades in their previous academic programme. Most of Stanford’s admitted students have average GPAs of 3.96 on a 4.0 scale. Standardized test results are not required for admission to Stanford University. Thus recommendations, SOPs, and Stanford questions should be considered.

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Stanford University Admissions

Stanford University Admissions 2023

Stanford University offers undergraduate programmes in more than 65 primary subject areas. 14 percent of Stanford University’s overall enrollment comprises students from over 66 countries. Each year, the university admits 30 transfer students and about 1,800 undergraduates.

How to Apply: International undergraduate candidates may submit their applications using either the Coalition Application OR the Common Application. 90 USD as an application fee (Non-refundable)

Stanford University’s undergraduate degree requirements: For consideration for admission to Stanford University, international undergraduate students must have earned good grades in the following subjects (GPA equivalent of 95 percent and above).

English: four years with a focus on writing and literature.

Four years of mathematics, with a focus on essential concepts and skills like algebra, trigonometry, plane, solid, and analytical geometry.

Three years or more are required for history/social studies.

Science: Biology, chemistry, and physics labs for three more years.

Foreign Language: Three or more years of the same foreign language.

Standardized Test Scores: For first-year and transfer applicants who want to attend Stanford, ACT or SAT scores are not necessary. These results are valid for five years.

English Language Proficiency: Specific exam results.

Documents in Support:

  • Filled out online admission application
  • senior secondary school academic transcripts with English translations
  • Personal statements
  • 2 LOR from academics (from a teacher)
  • School report and LOR from the counselor

The names and email addresses of applicants’ referees must be provided.

In the CV, candidates must list all of their publications.

Stanford University Acceptance Rate 2023

The acceptance rate at Stanford University is between 4 and 5 percent, indicating that the institution is highly picky about who it accepts for its many programs. To enroll in Stanford University, you must put forth much effort. This institution is regarded as one of the best in the United States.

A study found that most Stanford University applicants have SAT scores between 1420 and 1570 or ACT scores between 31 and 35.

Courses Stanford University offers 2023

The following schools/departments provide graduate and undergraduate programmes at the university:

  • Humanities and science schools
  • University of Engineering
  • Environmental and Earth Sciences
  • School of Education, School of Law, and School of Medicine
  • University of Business
  • Research

Stanford university is well known for providing its international students with cutting-edge research facilities. The institution contains 20 libraries with about 9.5 million study materials, including books, research journals, manuscripts, etc., along with 18 research centres. In the following areas, the university transcends disciplinary boundaries:

  • Engineering
  • Humanities
  • Medicine Sciences
  • Behavioral Sciences

The $1.63 billion research budget at Stanford is allocated annually. More than 6,800 externally financed initiatives are now underway at the university.

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