In February of 2008 my wife and I had heard the story of a troubled young man that had changed his life while attending the Clarinda Academy. The young man was very hesitant to go back to his home city at the completion of his program. We offered our home to the young man after hearing of how he had become a strong leader at the Academy. The results have been a true blessing to our home and family. Although we have our moments, we believe that it was the Clarinda Academy program that provided this young man with the structure, coping skills, and belief in himself that he can truly change and succeed in a world that has in the past failed him. At the time I write this he is very successful in school and in the demands of everyday life.

The amazing part of this story is that the staff at Clarinda Academy is still a part of his life. We have received e-mails and calls from staff throughout the year. The staff has demonstrated to us and to him that their interest in him goes beyond the program to very personal level. They are still concerned about his well-being long after he has left the program. They have given him a strong sense of dignity and worth that only comes from sincere and genuine love and care.

Pat and Nancy O'Donnell

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