I am currently in charge of all placements and court cases for a rural Iowa county and I have been placing students at Clarinda Academy since 1992. Besides residential treatment, I utilize their shelter facility, which allows students waiting for a residential treatment bed, because of our state's DHS waiting list, to begin their treatment process. When students are approved for residential placement, it is an easy transition from shelter to the Academy program. Our county does normally have 4 � 8 students placed at the Academy. Most of the students are diagnosed with Conduct Disorder and Substance Abuse issues.

Clarinda Academy provides a comprehensive academic program, with middle and high school classrooms, as well as, a GED opportunity. Vocational training and employment are also available. Substance abuse treatment is an available component of the treatment process. Athletic opportunities are available through intramurals and high school league competition. Club and national competitions are also available. I have had a number of students catch up on high school credits or successfully complete their GED's. Most of the students that I place at the Academy participate in one or more of the available sports. I have had students go out for their first organized sport, some have completed their first full season and others have placed in state and national tournaments. The program can provide personal pride and success.

Successful discharge planning for students is essential and Clarinda Academy is open to what is best for each of its students. I would have to say that anything is possible for students and that is what the Academy attempts to provide.


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